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Consulting and Management Services


Strategic Technology Planning

A Comprehensive Approach

Working with your senior executives and line of business leaders, we'll take your firm's business plan and create a strategic technology plan that will link critical projects and IT investments to business objectives, create KPIs to track progress, budgets to track expenses, and project plans to track initiatives from creation to completion.


CIO on Retainer

Expertise when you need it.

Do you need an experienced CIO for timely consultation or short-term engagement? 

Retainer engagements are available in six-month terms. 


IT Operations Assessment

Benchmark your IT organization

Is your IT organization working well?

Benchmark your costs, infrastructure, and IT operations against industry norms. Audit your software license agreements for compliance and value. Probe your cloud services for over-provisioning. Review your IT operations staffing levels and and skill sets and identify gaps. 

We'll answer that question and identify how to implement best practices to get the most out of your IT investments and staff. 


IT Leadership Mentoring

Building Leadership Skills for your IT Team

As valuable leaders, your IT staff need executive presence and soft skills, along with traditional management and financial mentoring. We will prepare your IT staff for leadership positions and management.

Custom programs are available depending upon the skill sets of your team.

Remote or on-site instruction available for individuals or groups.

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